A subtle idea that quietly floated past my husband and I while we were talking yesterday was snatched up and within minutes became a rock hard concrete foundation!  Goodness Hunters was conceived, FINALLY an adventure D and I can wholeheartedly create together with our kids!  Our whole family is so ready for something like this, have you ever felt the excitement that makes you stop thinking and start doing?  Your so inspired that you become this amazing, energetic, positive DOER (no planning needed) and out of the blue start being EXTRA nice to everyone (even your teenage kids)?  That happened today.

So what is Goodness Hunters?  Keep in mind it's a "fresh" new vision that will expand and develop as we journey along but heres a little sketch.


At home we're known as The Crazy Nikora's but for our year on the road (and hopefully long after) we will be known as the Goodness Hunters, on a quest to highlight anyone, anyplace or anything that is good to our planet and the people on it!

We are a family of four from Aotearoa (New Zealand) so if you see a random word it will be "Maori" because Maori is Goodness and we just have to share it with you...I'll have the english translation in brackets.  Bye for now must get some more doing DONE. For now enjoy our interviews. In order Opal Nikora, Nazareth (Naz), Damien (Dee) and Whakarongotai (Mum)