5:30 am wake up in Pipiwai, New Zealand 3 hours driving, 9 hours flying, 7 hours and 15min waiting before we knew it we were in Denpasar airport scrabbling to figure out Indonesian currency Rupiah to pay our entry visa to Bali, only to be told its free for New Zealand passport holders, “OOOSSH” a savings of $100 US dollars. Following the flow of people we were greeted by a wall of little shiny brown faces and hundreds of signs with names for pickups. GOODNESS HUNTERS sign was small, but obvious, Ketut our new friend and driver greeted us with a bros hand shake and a huge smile. Night time HUMIDITY is nuts but quickly forgotten when we finally have the chance to realise we are in BALI BABY!!! 


My sister and mum were boring. So me and dad thought we would go for a cruzz on the board. The lighting outside was amazing, so we thought it would not be boring and capturing some of the people and locations. Didn't take long till we saw an awesome little alleyway that looked mysterious and exciting. We meet some cool little kids that were interested in the board but were a bit too shy to give it a try. The little alleyway turned out to being a cool back road leading us to cool locations like a hole heap of banana trees, sun bursting from behind it was to good to miss. I got dad to make me look primo. The sun lowered, time to head back home. On the way home the main road lit up with a fiery orange colour so i had a quick cruz to the sunset. we reached home with an excited feeling to see the footage. Thanks dad for making me look cool. 
- Dad "CHUR" 


We got SMASHED and we loved it. Our Bro Ketut Qwest "The Driver" Took us on an adventure to places he thought we would enjoy. Everyone was excited except me (D). I got all drama queen like and had a sook cause i didnt want to go where all the "tourist" were. Turns out i had a PRIMO time. Obyke Wisata Waterfall in Ubud was amazing. Park up, walk past the shops and the sales peeps, walk down heaps of steps and walk past the dude fishing. Strip and jump into to the only cool water we felt in a ages and GET SMASHED. The amount of water falling creates a force hard enough to push you way from your goal of getting under the waterfall, trying and trying again to fight your way under was all part of the fun. An awesome way to spend a hot Bali day. Highly recommend it. :D


A massive day for Naz, Opal and my babe at the massive water park BOMB in Bali. I was dead set on not going because it was to touristy i'm better then that, my family aint LOL, jokes.....My family had a super rad time it was everything they hopped it was. and i saved us $45US dollars a weeks worth of ROTI this made me happy. This was Naz Mans fist time ridding a flow rider in a very typical unorthodox manner Naz gets is sorted. Chur son.

Music from the primo bros from Autearoa (NZ) Katchafire


The Goodness Hunters concept started in NZ, we brought Gopro's and started filming goodness, we captured cool footage that got us excited to make more.  A few weeks later we were booked and flying to Bali, Indonesia to start of our year long trip. Here's a short video that touches on some of the goodness we have enjoyed on our trip so far. Oh yeah thats right, D and Naz went for a wave at the world Famous Echo Beach in Canggu, Bali. The boys totally enjoyed them selfs but we have nothing to show you because D got smashed by the last wave, broke the Gopro pole, never to see it or our good Gopro again. We hope who ever finds it uses it for "GOODNESS" or we will see you in Gopro heaven. Next stop Kuala Lumpur!

When we first mentioned to friends and family we were of to south east Asia for a year, surprisingly a lot of people were worried. Muslim terrorists, child sex working thieves stealing our daughter or getting Dingy fever and dying. The only thing that gave us any problems was getting hustled from a lady