First stop Patong.

Not our first choice. To many over drunk tourists BUT.....we were hella excited to be there. My little giant brother named Goliath known as uncle "G" to our kids, his primo lady shay and a bunch of their mates were there to celebrate G's 30th Bday . Good timing for us.  There are all these little bar huts the main host of this one was a gun at this hammer game. Turned out i was prety good at it as well. In hope to wine some free drinks for the bro and his friend a chalalge was made......I think i still won :{


The saying goes...The family that eats together stays together. Im not so sure this is the case. Ill let the video do the explaining....



We flew from KL to Patong, Phuket to see the bro G. Caught a overnight buss ride from Patong to the massive city of Bangkok. The best bus ride ever. Cossy as front row stretched out sets on the busses second deck. One week down in Patong 3weeks left on our visa to see what we can in Thailand. We are excited to see Jon Jandai (John-Jan-Die) from Pun Pun village in Chiang Mai. This man is a huge reason why we cam to Thailand. We watched his Ted talk "Life is easy" and instantly loved him. He stands for everything we dig. Simplicity, No stress and true happiness.  Watch him, love him for your self in video below. Till then see you guys soon. 



My wife and I for a long time have left that the life we were bought up with taught and educated didn't feel right to us. As soon as we wanted to change cool things started to happen. people, videos and other tools started to jump in front of our faces. Ted Talks became one of our sources for inspiration. One dudes talk is super primo super simple. Life is easy.  Jon Jandai  from Pun Pun Village is one of our inspirations. So much so we wanted to go and meet him at Pun Pun Village