goodness hunters


goodness hunters


Its really sad to leave Thailand even though we had an awesome, full month there we still had so much we wanted to do. The people are absolutely beautiful. the food is scummy and yucky, some times all in the same mouth full. We were bummed that we never got to eat tarantula but a giant cockroach will have to do for now. We just arrived in Cambodia with absolutely no idea where we are staying or what to expect, First impression its way more crowded way more litter then any other countries we have been to so far, this makes me very excited i love it. Time to find a trusty Tuktuk driver to find us some accommodation. We will let you know how it goes later on. But for now Thank you Thailand for a beautiful month. 

Day one Cambodia

After one of the craziest and best tuktuk rides ever with our bro Jam we ended up at his suggested cheap place to stay in Phnom Penh. Turns out or bro Jam did what hustlers do best and hooked us up with one of his bros accommodation, not cheap at all. but got love the way they roll. After a wonder/explore around a open air market place that i absolutely loved like a kid in a candy store because of all the awesome stuff i could look at take photos of, heaven for me. the complete opposite for my family, Naz and my babe were grumpy as and Opal was sick as, could not handle the smells and sites. I was oblivious to theirafflictions cause i was having was to much fun. We found a little place to eat away from all the sites and smells. Happy family again. We cruised back to our not so cheap accommodation had a sleep to wake up around 9pm to realised that our "Bro" Jam hooked us up a place in the red light district of Phnom Penh. First reaction What The!!!


Second reaction "PRIMO" lets take the kids exploring show them the other side of it all, the reality for many other peeps around the world. Instead of shock horror all we saw was loads of genuine happy faces families getting on with life kids running around with massive smiles and even families having street dancers. The only thing that was not so cool were the drunk, chubby, arrogant westerns showing no respect towards the Cambodian workers and people. 

Camer: iPod5 Touch
Treated with: VSCO app directly on the iPod. 
Stocked with the video and photography capabilities of this iPod


Later that night i went out to shoot the quite side of the Red light district. As i walked around looking for rad shoots i got a few warnings "be careful, people on motorbikes will drive by and steal your camera" This excited me of course and quietly hopped something was going to happen. No such luck. While I was searching and capturing photos, words i kept hearing from friends and family shearing their fears of these bad places, people and unknowns. I had yet to see anything of the sort. Maybe we are just lucky Or maybe the world s not as scary and people aint out to harm. If im being honest. If some one did steal my camera from me, my thought would along the lines of... good on them for having the balls, hope they and there family have meeeeeean feed. Being in a 3rd world country dose have a lot to do with that type of thinking though. But thats just me.


Soot 3 bracket exposures on a tripod using available ambient light.
Overlaid the 3 photos in Photoshop. then treated as below.

Camer: 5D mrk3
Lens: EF 40mm f/2.8 STM
Edited: Adobe Bridge CC
Treated with VSCO & ACR

Hit us up if you have any video or Photography Questions.



Cambodia is the most poorest place we visited based only on what we saw. It was also full of heaps of awesome kids every where. Smiles, peace signs shy giggles and loads of energy 


We hard herd of these two other Maori bros cruzing around the world, just happens they two were in Cambodia Dean Harawera on the left & Raniera Rewiri on the right. Both bros from Whakatane, North Island of New Zealand. We were ment to meat up with them yesterday but......They party hard in some cool coastal location in Cambodia took some sleeping pills to help with the 14 hour  bus ride to Phnom Penh where we are. Their moi (sleep) was so so good they missed the stop, had to trip back another 6 hours by bus. We promised them some home made fry bread but my wife and I were arguing and never got time to make their kai (food). Nothing like two primo peeps to make us forget what we were even arguing about. Super awesome to meet and hang with some other Maori living their dreams. See you fullas back in NZ some time. 

CHUR - slang used by Maori as a greeting, A verbal way to show admiration for another's awesomeness. Normally accompanied by simultaneously the rising of eye brows. Dont have to be Maori to use it.