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My sister and mum were boring. So me and dad thought we would go for a cruzz on the board. The lighting outside was amazing, so we thought it would not be boring and capturing some of the people and locations. Didn't take long till we saw an awesome little alleyway that looked mysterious and exciting. We meet some cool little kids that were interested in the board but were a bit too shy to give it a try. The little alleyway turned out to being a cool back road leading us to cool locations like a hole heap of banana trees, sun bursting from behind it was to good to miss. I got dad to make me look primo. The sun lowered, time to head back home. On the way home the main road lit up with a fiery orange colour so i had a quick cruz to the sunset. we reached home with an excited feeling to see the footage. Thanks dad for making me look cool. 
- Dad "CHUR"