We got SMASHED and we loved it. Our Bro Ketut Qwest "The Driver" Took us on an adventure to places he thought we would enjoy. Everyone was excited except me (D). I got all drama queen like and had a sook cause i didnt want to go where all the "tourist" were. Turns out i had a PRIMO time. Obyke Wisata Waterfall in Ubud was amazing. Park up, walk past the shops and the sales peeps, walk down heaps of steps and walk past the dude fishing. Strip and jump into to the only cool water we felt in a ages and GET SMASHED. The amount of water falling creates a force hard enough to push you way from your goal of getting under the waterfall, trying and trying again to fight your way under was all part of the fun. An awesome way to spend a hot Bali day. Highly recommend it. :D