From here you can enjoy our videos with out having to read our mediocre attempts to engage you with our write ups. lol My husband said "Speak for your selfs I'm awesome at writing" He's the worst of us all at spelling and punctuation making it hard to understand him at times. I'm glade he's happy with him though, I admire that about him. There is no chronological order to the videos, to be honest it made it a million time easier to get them up. But if you do what to see them in order, see our photography and read our words go for it, click here

Whakarongotai aka Mum, Honey, babe or Kumara (maori for sweet potato)

Videos are made up with a mixtuer of
5D mrk3
iPod 5
iphone 5s
lapel mic
Edited using Adobe Premier cc 2017

As always any question about video or photography drop us a line.